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皮忠曾接受正規插畫訓練,後來成為全職水彩畫家,舉辦個人畫展及出版個人畫冊<Emotions:>。皮忠曾多次接受傳媒的採訪報導,深受客人的賞識及肯定。近期合作的品牌包括K11、Adidas、VDL、Vivienne Westwood、山頂纜車、1664、Häagen-Dazs等。




"I'm sensible to the surroundings. My works are inspired by the people I meet, happenings of our society and wonders of nature."


Pei Chung’s early works are bold when it comes to colors. Vibrant colors of minimal saturation are often used to create contrast. Combined with unbounded techniques, his works are easily recognized. He now puts even more focus on expressing emotions and telling every story hidden in life.


7 years running as a full time water color artist, he has held a number of exhibitions and published his first collective of arts <Emotions:> in 2018. Fascinated by his talents in watercolor painting, Pei Chung has often been covered in the media. Recent collaborations include K11, Adidas, VDL, Vivienne Westwood, Peak Tram, 1664, Häagen-Dazs and more.


What seems to be mundane might have changed over time, his passion to express with colors will remain unchanged.

2010 - present
2010 - present
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